Sundays In My City- Festival of Lights

I must preface this edition of "Sundays In My City" (hosted by Unknown Mami) by admitting that these pictures came from last night. I tried to capture some of this festival in last weeks pictures, but was foiled by thigh deep snow. As promised, the Chuckleheads, DaddyO, G'ma Roe and i took in the festivities on Saturday eve....

The Chuckleheads enjoying a wagon ride through the crowds. Not sure why we didn't bring the sled?? But, oh well.

It was a rather odd night; the day had been relatively warm, but cooled quickly into the night producing a luminescent haze. Driving was a bit difficult (i didn't see anything on the way home!!), but it made the lights just glow!

Tunnels of light! I love these! Almost the whole path through the park is lit up like this!

Candyland in lights!

It was a very nice night to visit the display (Airdrie Alberta). The first year we went, our daughter was only 10mths old--it was -40C and NO ONE was pleased with that. I have no idea what we were thinking THAT year!

We didn't bring ice skates, so maybe that is something we'll add to next years visit. I really hope the volunteers who give their time to bring this glorious event to life, continue to do so.

We're so thankful.

There--so " i've shown you mine, show me yours" ? I'd love to see your Sunday!

Unknown Mami



Nancy C said…
It is one of my life goals to ice skate outside. Haven't done it yet. This looks like a winter wonderland---I love the glowing tunnels.
Matty said…
Those lights are fantastic. I bet the kids love that tunnel, and the candy land is quite a picture. As for ice skating, I can move. forward. slowly. without falling. Enough said on that.
I love the tunnel of lights. I've never seen on in person.

I confess that most of my SIMC pictures are usually taken the week before or in advance. I carry my camera around so I don't miss anything I might want to use later. As long as I'm sharing on Sunday I've decided it still counts.
Unknown said…
YAY-- Sundays are generally my 'home day'. We like to just kick back here. But when i do go to town, i'd love to share my adventures!
AudreyO said…
I've never skated outside. Heck, I'm not sure I could skate at all these days LOL. Great photos. Winter lights are so pretty.
Sonya said…
Im loving the tunnel of lights! Ice Skating..ever since I moved to the netherlands this is what I know for sure: They are born with the ability to swim,bike at the age of 2 and ice skate at 3! EVERYONE ice skates here..the instant the ponds freeze over they get out in it. It's
Anonymous said…
Looked like fun ! I bet the kids really enjoyed it !
Unknown said…
Oh, it is so pretty! A town a few miles away has something like this and I keep meaning to pack us up one night and go visit. Hopefully this will be the motivation I need : ) It looks fun! I love the children in their little hats. So precious!
Lori said…
That is so pretty! I bet you all had lots of fun!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Your town does a GREAT job with the lights and so do you taking pictures. The tunnel of lights has such a cool glow to it and your kids in the wagon are too cute :-)

Thanks for sharing your city. I hope your town keeps doing the light show!

Anonymous said…
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