Countdown to Insanity??

Last year, i was so fed up hearing "Mommy, when can i have another chocolate?", that i vowed to be done with Advent calendars of the chocolate-persuasion.

I wish i could remember who it was that suggested the PlayMobil Advent Calendar, but i knew this year it was what we were after!

On Hallowe'en, ToysR'us was having a wicked sale on a certain item that i am not allowed to discuss. I thought it might be a wee early for the Advent calendar, but there it was in all its glory!

We all know how much our kids LOVE PlayMobil products, so i figured this was Win Win! No questions about it.

I took the Advent calendar out from its hiding place on the eve of the 1st. I looked at it. I was excited to see what the month ahead might bring!? After all, this was my first PlayMobil Advent calendar too! It seemed a little directionless on the outside of the box, but in no way indicated that i should,

stop breathing *
quit life as i know it*
forget all other tasks*
sit down and construct this thing NOW*
the night before*
because in the morning, will just not suffice.

I swear. I looked all over the place. Knowing PlayMobil i figured once we took off the pretty overcoat, there would be squares to open and minimal construction each day. Building a forest scene cannot be that difficult?? It's for ages 4 and up!

Step 1~ take out ALL the pieces and lay on the floor. Wth? Um, oh ya, the instructions resemble something bought from Ikea.

Step 2~ begin ACTUALLY making the squares to hold each days treasure! For real, could have mentioned this on the OUTSIDE of the box.

Step 3~ Set up the forest scene. That's it?? It could be bigger... 24 days worth of pieces *might* overwhelm this scene?

Still nicer than the plastic-tasting chocolate ones we can't seem to let drop from conversation. But, by the time i assembled the squares, filled the squares with their loot---have i even mentioned there was no coffee involved at this point?? 45 freakin' minutes had passed!!

Poor kiddos!
Poor me!

Should have known better. ANYTHING kid involved has a thousand parts.

Still...we look forward to the scene that will develop each day before our eyes. It is a nice product, don't get me wrong. It just wasn't completely specific on the package and i just should not have assumed.

After all, we all know what happens when you assume??



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