I have no idea what possessed me to think i could pull off yesterday.

Seemingly reasonable, i thought. 'Instead' of doing the regular Preschool trips (we live out of town, takes about 20mins each way), we'd be going to the Preschool for a Christmas party! How fun is that?

Well, Xman still needed his second dose of the good ol' H1N1 shot and he had just passed the 3 wk date. Hubby was away out of town (we both still needed ours) , but Beebo did not need another dose so i figured, hey--we can pull this off!

The clinic started just as our party ended. Minimal lines, no Beebo to physically restrain--Xman takes needles like a pro, and me, well...after two kids, i don't seem to care about needles quite so much anymore. The difficult part would be entertaining two kids for the required 15 minute wait afterwards; not forgetting that these children are looped on as much sugar as a Christmas party will provide AND it's almost nap time.

I KNOW the people sitting in the chairs saw us coming. I know they were thinking, "Good Grief woman, you're going to attempt this on your own?!" And i have to say, i actually came unprepared. Where are my notebooks and pencils? The surprise balloons you can leave in a purse for *this* exact moment?

Bad move number one.

I 'guess' now that the kids are just old enough that we only need to leave the house with minimal stuff, i am getting lazy. If they were younger, i would not have been so ill prepared.

One sugary child is off playing with the blinds--running up and down the row with his hand extended. Awesome. Could he be more annoying?? Um... well, SHE could! The meaningless, made up 'singing at the top of our voice' began! God, no!

Thankfully, some 'Grandpa' type caught her eye and he started playing Peek-a-Boo with her. She IS a little old for Peek-a-Boo, but God-love him, he had her entranced. Just enough time for me to go retrieve Xman, who now was running to visit all the nurses at their stations.

I bring him back and think, half-way there! Only 7.5 minutes left to go!

But Xman is not so happy to not be wandering...he's HIGH on sugar and NEEDS to GO! 'Grandpa' had lost his luster and now Beebo was back on her wrecking-ball of torture! She began to run at the blinds just like her brother, while he spun himself silly in the middle of the room.

When the time finally came to go, no one wanted to get their coats on. Beebo layed on the floor despite countless requests to get up and X fought me every inch. I could feel the BURN of people starring at me...

Yes, i had been defeated.

This was a terrible idea. Who tries to take their kids for a needle, alone, after a Christmas Party??

Bad idea, in so many ways.

The bonus part to this lovely day is that it DID NOT end! I woke to a horrible fever during the night and lost a whole nights sleep. The boy today is obviously still not well; after his first dose he was similar, but now after his second dose, i kNOW it was the shot making him so wretched.

Hate to say it, but i really think we should have passed on this shot and just took our chances. We'll see how DaddyO reacts to his (on Tuesday)--maybe the little guy and i are just unlucky.

Happy Friday Everyone!! Now, if only i felt better.....



Unknown said…
Here's lookin' up! I figure if i write out all the badness, it'll go away, right?
Nancy C said…
How miserable. I've also endured two rounds of torture in the great Hamthrax vaccine, and I'm so glad it's done.

Thank God you're human, too, so I feel a little bit better about my own lovable monsters.
Matty said…
My children are all grown, but trust me. Been there, done that! I empathize with you.

I love how you inject humor into a real life, and all-to-often scenario that we parents have all faced at one time or another.

Good luck.


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