Sundays In My City--Part 2 : I 'should' be driving

As promised, here are some of my 'City' pictures. Ok, i didn't go into the BIG 'City'--- but, where i did go has this beautiful Christmas light display every year, free to the public. Right near where i parked was an old caboose from the Canadian Pacific Railroad.

I REALLY did try to walk all the way over to it, but a major problem existed. The problem was that i was not equipped with my BIG Sorels. I did take a few steps--i actually ran half way there. Then i realized i was thigh deep in snow. Oops.

Here's a close-up of the caboose in all it's glory!

The parking lot and sponsored signage....(did i forget to mention it was STILL -31C???)

Wishing everything was lit up (we'll be seeing that next weekend! stay tuned!)....

Driving home--it's 4pm, getting dark....

Snow covered roads. In general, a VERY wintery day.

Since i am very accustomed to seeing deer on my venture home, i decided to prop my camera up on the dash (so surprised it never fell over!) and grace you all with my beautiful singing voice!!!

Watch for the deer near the tail end of the video (ha ha, tail end!).

Again, super sorry about the singing.

Unknown Mami



Matty said…
I don't envy you with that c-c-c-cold weather. But I do envy you for living in such a rural and beautiful area. Thanks for the country tour and the pretty singing.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Oh yeah-- That looks C O L D ! ! !
Have a great week.
Sonya said…
LOVED the song..never heard that it Madonna? you have a great voice to btw:) Loved the scenery and the deer!!
That was awesome! I loved riding along with pretty there and cold. What song was that?
Unknown said…
Miles Away by Madonna
Nancy C said…
You are gorgeous. How do you pull of the winter hat without looking like a demented mushroom.

That's the look I rock, every time. Sigh.
Unknown said…
I'm a hat girl at heart.
ALL kinds.

Rare to find me without one!
That was so much fun! I feel like you were were serenading me.
Lee Ann said…
loved it! I am so coming over to spend next Sunday in your city! I LMAO at the video! I kind of kept expecting to see some flashing lights and you getting pulled over for filming as you drove.

Awesome singing too! And now we know where Avery gets her love of hats! I definitely always look like a demented mushroom
i LOVE LOVE LOVE driving videos!

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