We're watching & waiting....

If your kiddos aren't crazy enough already today, have them watching this too!

Norad really does a super job making "Santa" come to life-- it also lends a teensy bit of reality to just how it could all be done. I REALLY wish they had something like this when i was a kid--so fun!

Time to start baking up a special batch of treats for the big guy.... kiddos need to kill time!!

Merry Christmas Everyone!

*ps...last year the whole family came down with 'Rotavirus'...about 8 hours from now. Fingers crossed please!!! Christmas last year was MESSY!


Sonya said…
My boys LOVED watching Santa on Norad! Here's hoping you have a healthy Merry Christmas!!
Nancy C said…
Merry Christmas to you and your whole beautiful family!
Audrey said…
I hope you and your family have a Very Merry & Relaxing Christmas!
Traci said…
My kids are in full-on Christmas crack mode.

Merry Christmas!

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