Give A Day, Get A Day

On Friday i watched The Tyra Banks show. Not something i normally tune in to, but eh, it was rest time for the kiddos and i was feeling wretched (i never did write about my H1N1 shot reaction, did i??).

About half-way, she discussed a new initiative that all USA Disney theme parks will take part in, starting January 2010.

Now, i live NO WHERE near a Disney park, but have been there enough times to know that it truly is the happiest place on Earth!

If volunteering is something you do OR even if it's not, 2010 is the year to begin. Disney realizes that in tough economic times, people are working hard to make ends meet and that going to a theme park just might not be in the budget.

Go check out that link to find out which organizations are in need of volunteers--and Give A Day to Get A Day.




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