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Broccoli, Bacon & Green Grape Salad - A Family Favourite

Broccoli, Bacon & Green Grape Salad. 

When I think of this salad, I think of the smoky bacon flavour paired with the balsamic vinegar dressing and of the sweet green grapes that liven up the serious broccoli. I also think of how almost everyone I make this salad for thinks it is weird until they have tasted it, and then they want more and more because it is awesome. I mean really, how can one go wrong with bacon??

I came across this simple (yet chock full of nutrients recipe) on the Paleo Diet Lifestyle website a few years ago and it has been a family favourite ever since.

(slightly modified by SamiJoe)

Bacon (For a family of 4, we used a whole package)
BroccoliCauliflowerGreen or Red Grapes, halvedSliced AlmondsGreen Onions

(Please note: The amounts of each ingredient is not important.Modify for number of guests.)


1/4 cup of Balsamic Vinegar
1/8 cup of Organic Virgin Olive Oil

-Cook bacon as per directions. Drain well.
Leave as slices or cut up in smaller …

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