Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Will Kinder Treats Win You the #MomoftheYear Award?

The other day... Monday actually, I decided to peruse the school website. I needed some up-to-date bus information, as the first day of school loomed a week away. As the page loaded, the following words were revealed:

"What's new? School, September 2!"

Say what??

SINCE WHEN does school start before Labour Day?? We've been doing this school thing for a few years now, and school in this county ALWAYS heads back the Tuesday following Labour Day. I know that Labour Day is a little bit late this year, but really, why break what isn't broke?

This really sucked.

Because I had not looked at the website sooner, I was now going to have to forfeit my MommyO-of-the-Year Award for lying to my children! I hadn't intended to lead them astray, believing that this would be one heck of a last week of summer. In any case, I had to fess up right away, as the clock quickly ticked down the minutes.

"Sorry to tell you this kids... who I love dearly and would never intentionally lie to (shh! Santa, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny do NOT count!), but school actually starts on Wednesday."

I prepared for the worst, but they actually took it pretty easy on me. We crammed in as much fun as we could in those last hours (including a trip to the grocery store because that's my favourite thing to do- NOT!), and mentally prepared for the routine switch.

Since I had totally robbed my kids of their last week of summer, I thought I might try to win that MommyO-of-the-Year Award back with a first day, back-to-school SURPRISE!

Now in all fairness to their Teachers, I won't be making this a daily habit; however, a #KinderMom has to pull out these kinds of tricks once in awhile. Oh, and Kinder® products are also made in a nut-free facility, so they are entirely safe for school-zones.

As always, Kinder Canada wants to hear about your Kinder adventures!

Share your pictures on Instagram and tag @KinderCanada - they love to regram!

Friday, August 21, 2015

It's STILL Summer Giveaway!

The calendar may say it is August (as I ignore back to school talk everywhere), but I claim it STILL summer! 

Let's enjoy our routine-free days while we still can and make the most of this last month before the kids go back. Head to a beach, take a road trip or have a BBQ in the yard!

When it comes to summer road-trip prepping, Church & Dwight has you covered with all of the summer essentials you could need: Bright teeth, smooth legs and easy to style hair! 

Batiste dry shampoo and the Nair Cire Divine Moroccan Argan Oil wax have become cabin beauty SAVIOURS for me and now you can try them out too!


  • Batiste Dry Shampoo Original
  • Nair Cire Divine Moroccan Argan Oil Legs & Body
  • Arm & Hammer Spinbrush Truly Radiant Manual Toothbrush in Extra White
  • Arm & Hammer Baking Soda

Total Value - Approx. $50 Cdn

*Follow the rules of the giveaway tool below. All entries must be Canadian residents over the age of 18. Winner has 48 hours to respond by email or another winner will be selected. Ends September 21, 2015 at 12:01am MST*

Good Luck,

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

#MenchiesMyWay - FroYo Winner!

Thank you to all who Tweeted or Insta'd their #MenchiesMyWay entries. It was fun to see how you do it up your way!

Sprinkles, maraschino cherries, gummy bears, 
red velvet fro-yo and loads of mixed up potential!


And now for the WINNER of the #MenchiesMyWay giveaway on ...

Congratulations @danceswithpucks 
- I'll be in touch!