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In 2009, I began this blog as a way to keep far away family in the loop of our goings-ons; however, throughout the years, this blog has morphed and taken on a life of its own! Our little family grows older, we've navigated the baby and toddler years, done the preschool, and we now live in "both kids are in school full days" mode.

So what does that mean for SamiJoe?

That means, this girl has more time to devote to her interests, and time to find out who I am again. 

If you've been following along, you know that I enjoy my fair share of gardening. Sometimes I luck out and grow amazingly huge zucchinis, while other times, I might be hunting down a ferocious noxious weed before it spreads. I may be living through the <grading-cement-fence building-sod-new gardens> stage at our new house, and I'll be doing my fair share of tree/animal/plant identification at the cabin (as well as lots of maintenance). We also endeavour to learn more about living a life off-grid (using solar). Yes, it'll be a bit of a learning curve, but I hope to share with you our trials and tribulations. This is something we are really excited about! 

Our family aims to get out into our world, to interact with it and to learn from it. Sometimes we'll venture to the ski hill, or find a campsite or hike that suits our fancy. Some days we might sit in a stadium awaiting a hockey game or show, and sometimes, we're still tourists in our own province. We might also travel to a far away land, be toy-testers, judge the famed Calgary Stampede Caesar Contest (me, not the kids!) or lend a hand to various organizations (Food Bank, We Give Where We Live by Telus, Grow Calgary, Ronald McDonald House).

~Learning. Living. Exploring. 

**A few places in the media you can find me...

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