About SamiJoe

~This blog is a personal blog and is written by me- SamiJoe.  To read how/why I came to be known as SamiJoe, read here.

~ Canadian Work-at-Home Mom, trying to stay sane raising our family of four.  Beebo (girl), age 8 years.  Xman (boy), age 6 years. 

~ I have a greenhouse and numerous gardens... I like to think I am a great gardener, but really I do A LOT of research and do not always beat Mother Nature!  I often lose the battle.

~ I was a rower, back in the day.  I was good too.  I *might* have a few National titles under my belt (but I'm no Marnie McBean or Silken Laumann).

~ I love football.  I'm learning to love the CFL with the Stampeders in town, but my true love is NFL.  I wish I had more time for it... football pools and game watching were fun times (in the past).

~ I remember ALL faces.  And ALL names.  It really takes up a lot of room!  I also remember all dumb, meaningless, and useless pieces of info- FOREVER.  Hence, the reason I have a blog.  If I do not unload, I may spontaneously combust!

~ I was a bartender in my former life. I appreciate all kinds of booze, but especially love a red zinfandel/craft beer/scotch too.   I even judged the Calgary Stampedes Famous Caesar competition! I owe my liquor knowledge to Brian at Christian's Pub in St. John's, Newfoundland and give a special nod to my fantastic memory for helping me slave through those Friday nights.

~ I know how to, CAN, and have hot-fuelled helicopters. (That means, fill with fuel while they are running.)

~ I am not a down-hill skier by nature, but recently took up the sport at age 35!  I've always x-country skied, but for real... the kids are good skiers and think that down-hill is way more fun!

~ I am a hat person (shock*).

~ I know way too much about sleeping babies.  Er, or not...sleeping babies.  Some call me the "Sleep Lady", but really, I am just a gal who followed the Baby Whispering way of life and it has been pretty smooth sailing since.  If you have issues with your child sleeping, feel free to drop me a line with a question or two.  My kiddos sleep over 11/12hrs solid at night, with no intervention from me.

~ I have been driving for 20 years and am ticket-less. (Quickly knocking on wood.)  In fact, I've only been pulled over once.  But, in my defence both of my children were screaming-blue-murder, so the cop felt kinda like a jackass, and let me go with a warning.  YES MR.COP--screaming children WILL make you speed!

~ I am an old raver, still young at heart.  My kiddos loved Jolly-Jumping to classical music, but not nearly as much as they did house.

~ I still do not really know what I want to be when I grow up. 

~ I have travelled by plane or boat all over North America, but am a road-tripper at heart.

~I studied English Literature at the University of Western Ontario, with a minor in Shakespeare.  


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