Wordless Wednesday: The Best Caesar in Town Contest #Calgary #Stampede2014

Click to enlarge-- you have to see these garnishes up close!

Judging this event at the Calgary Stampede was so much fun! It definitely challenged my taste buds and stomach... slurping up 'roe' balls with my straw was a little over the top for me. <shudder>  I was very impressed by the quality of caesars presented-- each with its own unique flair -- rosemary sprigs, jalapeno cheese, spaghetti, and oh my... lots of bacon!

It was hard to choose. They were all good (only one was really terrible, but I'll keep that to myself as a 'one off').

In the end, Brandon Bailey's "Backyard BBQ Caesar" won! The cool cucumber muddled with home infused vodkas was very pleasing and fresh. To get his recipe, click HERE.


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