SANDS ALIVE - Hottest Toy for 2014

We recently had the chance to test out the new Kid & Parent approved, SANDS ALIVE!  I have to admit, the sales pitch was great. Sand... would have never happened before SANDS ALIVE. While I may not keep the tidiest of houses, Playdoh on the floor (or worse, the carpet) practically sends me into a tizzy!

Why is it so hard to keep it on the table?

And stuck to their clothes?  ~Sigh~

SANDS ALIVE is not like normal sand. 

It is-

100% organic and all natural
Never dries out
Bacteria free
Water soluable

Beebo made a big marshmallow (SANDS ALIVE really is soft!),

Whilst Xman worked hard to smooth and flatten it all out!

If we haven't convinced you yet,

watch this SANDS ALIVE ad!


Ages 3-103 years ... stave off the summer boredom with a DELUXE set of SANDS ALIVE! (ARV $80) Open to all Canadian residents, ages 18 and over.

Giveaway ends July 31/14 @ 12am MST

Leave the sand at the beach

and build your own fancy castle at home!



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