It's A Tough Job, But Someone Has to Do It! (AKA- If you are asked to be #ToyTesters , you say YES! )

Saturday morning began with an early start... Beebo and Xman had important work to do downtown Calgary and we couldn't be late!

We arrived at the Telus Convention Centre for the 'Walmart Canada Toy Testers' event. Our jobs were clear-- find the Top 20 toys to be found in-stores soon!  We put on our phone number I.D bracelets (great idea by the way!) and the kids ran off... LITERALLY.

Thankfully, Beebo and Xman were in the same age category (the room was broken up into various age groups), or I really would have got my 'workout on' !  

Xman found a remote controlled helicopter right away, because you know... the remote control helicopter is a "thing" in our family.  DaddyO asks for a remote control helicopter for Christmas EVERY YEAR, and if he isn't indulged by Santa or the kids or myself--- Papa Buz usually saves the day with the gift of choice.

I will definitely be purchasing one of these helis. The Air Con Roller Copter was indestructible and it even climbed walls!  Fun had by all with this toy!

I was a little surprised that Beebo went straight to the dolls area and then stayed there! She plays with some dolls at home, but they're not her go-to toy.  I still find the Monster High dolls a little freaky, but thought the new Monster High Fusion dolls were kind of neat.

Then Xman found the NERF display...

I have to admit it has been easier to keep the toy gun thing at bay, having an eldest girl and a younger brother set. But, Xman has been finding out about these things at play-dates and I get it, the NERF guns are rockin' fun!  His eyes glazed over at the newest NERF creations, stopping at the Bow & Arrow.  After some instruction, he was nailing the target, hitting the bulls-eye often.

This might be the first item on his list to Santa now.

Finally Beebo was ready to go check out the art toys. I was very impressed with Crayola's latest creations and so was Beebo.  We did some drawing on a Giant Light Up pad, loving the size of it... then moved on to an interactive tablet gadget.  Themed in 'Fashion Design' and 'Car Design', you can now design your own-- then turn them into real life images with your tablet! #Brilliant

Overall, I was glad that we participated in this Walmart toy event. We are at an in between stage for toys, so it was nice to find a few new toys to love.

Keep an eye out for Walmart's Top 20 toys, coming soon!


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