The Smoke Clears If Only Briefly...

The Stampede dust has settled and the smoke has rolled into town. We are ablaze in these parts! Of course, we are not dealing with fire ourselves--- but we are being reminded of Mother Nature at work only an hour or two away. 

The Spreading Creek Wildfire began July 3rd after a lightening strike and is over 7000 hectares big! Almost 2500 hectares of that are in Banff National Park. As the wind blows our way, we experience a hazy sky in our 'Big Sky Country' and our minds flicker to moments of 'Smore' making by the campfire.

Then, a good ol' summertime thunderstorm rolls in... 

and after,

The sky clears. 

If only briefly.

Have a great weekend everyone! 
We are heading out camping, but are hoping to see the sun a lot!


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