The 2015 Chevy Tahoe is All-Terrain Ready - #ChevyDrive

It has been a busy few weeks around here (who says things slow down in the summer?), and I have CAR tales to tell! We've been so busy driving and 'doing all the things' that I haven't had time to keep you in the loop! This will take a few posts.

click photo to enlarge - Radium Hot Springs, BC

We recently had the chance to drive a 2015 Chevy Tahoe for a week, and we were all made huge fans. We drive a 2011 GMC Yukon, so it was nice to test a newer, similarly-styled vehicle for comparison. The kids loved the automatic up/down running boards, while I loved the flat-folding third row for the extra room with user-friendly passenger options. My third row in the Yukon doesn't fold completely flat, so you don't really gain any extra cargo space unless you entirely remove the third row seats. With the seats removed, you have more cargo room, but no place for passengers. See the problem?

I digress...

click photo to enlarge - View of the "Three Sisters" in Canmore, AB

We road-tripped to the cabin with the Tahoe, effortlessly and smoothly navigating the mountain passes. The Tahoe was very stable, especially on sharper turns and was definitely solid underfoot in wet/muddy conditions. The interior was pretty swanky too: sun roof, leather, and second row bucket seats. And... the cup holders were in just the right place - FTW!

click photo to enlarge

I really liked that the Tahoe acted intuitively, gearing down from V8 to V4 when the power wasn't necessary, saving on fuel consumption. I also really enjoyed the Bose speakers - yeah baby!

Our cabin is off a forestry route, so I took a few short videos of some of our mountain-top adventures. 

A video posted by SamiJoe (@mixtresssamijoe) on

A video posted by SamiJoe (@mixtresssamijoe) on

We hope you enjoyed the ride! We loved ours and will strongly consider the Chevy Tahoe in future car purchases.

Look for CAR TALE #2 - The 2015 Ford Mustang GT!

*GMC/Chevrolet Canada kindly provided the car for review, however, the opinions expressed belong solely to*


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