Summer Play Preparedness

After the long (read: 9 months long) cold winter, summer is finally here. Family barbecues, beach parties and warmer temps, all give us an excuse to pull out the short shorts, summer dresses and the flip flops. But it takes preparation to bare the skin... and if I'm heading to my off-grid cabin with limited water supply, getting my legs, underarms and bikini line in tip top shape there can be kind of tricky.

The answer is... waxing. Monthly salon visits can be costly, but today's home waxing kits are beginner friendly and are mess free. The Nair Cire Divine Moroccan Argan Oil is a microwaveable resin wax that adheres stricttly to hair, while sticking less to the skin. The result? Incredibly smooth, hair-free skin for up to four weeks!

This ultra-moisturizing wax is the first of its kind, and is infused with Moroccan Argan oil to provide the most moisture possible. This wax is even proven to work effectively on hair as short as 2mm!!

Did you know that Gravol is ONLY available in Canada?

I did not.

But I am really glad I didn't need to learn that the hard way! On our past vacations, I am usually equipped with an adult dose of Gravol and a kids dose. You never know what will start the nauseau (land, air, water), but I always figured it was better to have it with me than to not.

There are many formulas of Gravol available, so be sure to stock up before your next trip! We like the Quick Dissolve Chewables, because they can be taken without water. For those preferring something more natural, Gravol offers Ginger tablets, lozenges and liquid gels. Besides helping with motion sickness, Gravol also helps to treat indigestion or upset stomach.

So pack it. And hopefully you won't need it!

Happy Summer Playing!

*I am a brand ambassador for the 2015 year with Church & Dwight. As part of this program I receive monetary compensation, as well as products to review and giveaway. The opinions expressed belong to*


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