Summer Reflections: Finding Our Camping Groove

This summer, we have really focussed on camping as our family weekend activity and I am so glad we did!  The hubby and I both grew up camping, but we had not yet taken the leap with kids.  We have been able to explore the National Parks nearby and are slowly finding our family-of-4 camping groove. We have travelled by boat to our camp site and we have done the car camping thing.  Personally, I enjoyed the boat camping adventure the most (even though it rained the whole time!);  however, the kids absolutely love riding their bikes around the campground setting and that always means a little alone time for the adults. (Win, win!)

Isn't it neat how the tarp looks like blue sky and clouds?

Helping the fire out.

Working the wood.

How do you keep your beer cold?
Glacial water & a rock works a treat!

Squishing the moss.  Really, really squishy moss!

Camping food does not need to be difficult, or yucky tasting.
(Read: Ditch the Wienies.)
And, you do not even need a camping stove.
All it takes is some planning...

(Wrap potatoes in foil and place on the grill over
the fire 30 minutes prior to cooking the steak.)

Kabobs are also a family favourite. Peppers, Meat, Onions-
Good to go!  (Sausages are in the pan.)

Water play in Banff National Park.

Bike riding at the campground can't be beat!

We love being on the water.
Our little tin boat helps us explore!

Aspire to know how to exist in nature without destroying it.  Teach your children that too.  It doesn't matter how you do it, tent or trailer, just do it. Work the wood, listen to the birds chirping in the morning... drink in the surroundings. Make some campfire percolator coffee and step away from city life for just a few days. The Bonus Part: It's cheap!  

What things do you love about camping?

*This post was inspired by Family Adventures in the Canadian Rockies. Head over to hear what Tanya loves about camping... plus, there are many others linked up with their stories!*


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