Have you had a Build-A-Bear Experience?

On Tuesday, we attended the Build-A-Bear ANY event.  For $34.99 you can choose ANY bear or animal, ANY outfit and ANY pair of shoes until August 16th at all Canadian locations!  That's huge savings off the regular price!  It was really fun to be able to put together ANY creation we wanted!  

Xman decided to go with a camouflaged bear and the Darth Vadar outfit.    

Making wishes on the bears heart
before closing up the newly stuffed friend.

Giving his new friend a bath, fluffing up his fur so he'll be extra cuddly!
 Xman really got a kick out of this part!

Putting the Darth Vadar outfit onto his bear.

The final result:
One happy little boy with a new friend named 'Darth'.

Oh and yes, the light sabre makes noise.

If you haven't had a Build-A-Bear experience before, now is your chance to build anything you can think up!  We hope you have as much fun as we did!


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