How to Thaw, Rise & Bake Frozen Bread Dough in Under 2.5 Hours!

Once upon a time, I was making some lovely pulled pork for dinner in the slow cooker. The whole house smelled extra yummy and we were all eagerly awaiting dinnertime!

Then, I realized I had no buns. And no bread.

But, I did have one loaf of frozen bread dough in the freezer. I'm not even really sure how long it had been around for, but on this cold January day, it would have to do.

Thankfully, you can Google pretty much any crisis and find out what you should do next??  A few of the options were going to take too long, but I eventually found something that I thought might work.


How To Thaw, Rise & Bake Frozen Bread 
Dough in Under 2.5 hours!

Step:1 - PREP - Pre-heat oven to 65°C (170°F) and then TURN OVEN OFF. Place frozen dough in a lightly greased loaf pan. Place in oven along with saucepan containing 2L of boiling water.

Step:2 - Let the bread dough rise for about 2 hours until it is above its pan. Remove saucepan of water from the oven.

Step:3 - BAKE at 175°C (350°F) for 20 - 25 minutes or until golden brown. Remove bread from the pan immediately and place it on a wire rack to cool. 

So easy...



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