Tick Tock! Tick Tock!

Oh boy.
I have got to snap out of it!
Like a cloud, it looms over my head.
Time is running out!

"There are three criteria: for a behavior to be classified as procrastination, it must be counterproductive, needless, and delaying."

I guess, admittedly i can't claim the kids counterproductive.

Needless, pffhh!

Delaying...yes, Miss Beebo seems to be a good little staller these days.

But the procrastination is entirely my own. 'When' i do have the opportunity to be doing what i should be doing (instead of writing this post), i don't want to. Hubby has been away for 3 weeks (1 more to go) and i should be done. Done. Done. I am not however.

Really, i am okay with my tendency to procrastinate, because for me it really does force out a 'nicer' product.

In this case though, my procrastination needs to pass the Canada Post test.

Am i willing to further procrastinate and put all my faith in Canada Post??

Hmm..... (butt in gear, off to task!)

*seems the weather has plans for me to finish perhaps... BLIZZARD!


Traci said…
Found you through Life 2 Us. Beautiful family. Fun blog. I'll be back.
Nancy C said…
My filthy floors, my unaddressed Christmas cards, my unfolded laundry, and dirty sink understand this "procrastination" of which you speak.
Stacey said…
I think I just had this exact same conversation with myself for the past (what time is it?) 8 hours as I sit and stare at the Xmas cards...
Unknown said…
Bl*sted Christmas cards! *#$@!!
When I was in college I used to procrastinate all the time. Now I find I only procrastinate on things I don't really don't want to do.

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