Mr. Nobody

A few weeks ago i discussed my holey jeans and how i am finding it much easier to acquire holes these days. Well, holes come in all shapes and sizes and are not solely limited to jeans it seems.

Holes are now common place in socks too. But not just my own; my hubby and two chuckleheads seem to have caught this infectious disease as well! Pair after pair get discarded because of their obvious 'toe' or 'heel' escape route... that is, if we can even find a 'pair'??

(Does anyone still darn socks these days?)

WHY is it that i put a complete pair of socks into the washing machine, but only find one coming out of the dryer??

I swear, something has to be eating them.... where do they go??

I just don't get it.

When i was little, my dad always said that we had a "Mr. Nobody" in our house. Maybe it's "Mr. Nobody"??

That does sorta make sense.

But then, all this time i had thought that "Mr. Nobody" only seemed to be around when something had been broken and no one wanted to own up to it? Maybe "Mr. Nobody" does more than just break things??

Perhaps he/she is a thief too??



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Nancy C said…
I wish my husband would let me darn his socks. He looks like a refugee in his miserable excuses for socks.

Heather said…
Do you have tile floors? Mom had tile floors and that used to eat through my socks. I eventually just got a pair of ll bean slippers with hard soles.......saved a fortune in socks!
Unknown said…
We do have LLBean hardsoled slippers. LOL--really! I just apparently don't wear mine enough. Slippers aren't easy to make the kids wear/keep on...and dh has size 14 feet. Socks made that huge are not made to last! Or, the socks are simply too small (he should wear flippers) and he punches his feet out.
Socks x 4 makes it seem like someone is always in need of socks!
I'm telling you there is a land of lost socks on the other side of every dryer.

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Traci said…
Well, it seems that the sock thief gets around. He is as busy in Austin, Texas as he is up in Canada. I like the term, Mr. Nobody, I think that I will steal that.
Lee Ann said…
YES! Holy lost socks! Do you live in my house Sami? x
Matty said…
WOW! You beat me to it. I was going to do a post about where my socks go. I recently did a post about laundry in general, but I was also going to do one just about those socks that seem to just disappear.

I may still do one and link up to you. I think it's a sock conspiracy.
Unknown said…
Matty, i am quite sure the 'sock phenomenon' rocks the entire globe.
Love to hear your take on those missing guys...and yes, i'd love a link up!

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