Once in a Blue Moon

Photo credit to Science Nasa 2004

For the first time in almost 20 years, tonight's New Years Eve celebrations will be graced with a glorious 'Blue Moon'! A Blue Moon occurs once per year and represents the difference between the calendar year and the astronomical year. While the moon won't actually be blue (sorry to burst your bubble!), if you have clear skies, it should be spectacular!

My weather calls for snow, snow and more snow tonight (it's snowing right now too). So i'm not sure i'll even get to see the moon. But i'll be looking...!!

If YOU can see the moon tonight in it's full, magnificent glory, will you snap a picture of it for me??


May your last evening of 2009 be one to remember (because NOT remembering it really sucks & hurts-ouch!). Play safe, be merry and oh yes, please kiss someone at midnight!! Folklore has it that not kissing someone at the stroke of twelve ensures a year of loneliness.

So....pucker up!

See you in 2010,

**ps~ a lovely bloggy friend has started a new blog called "I'd let my kid see that". She'll be reviewing movies and giving her insights on them, so we can all be better informed before taking our kids to see them. She will also be reviewing dvd's new and old. Check it out!


Nancy C said…
Have a wonderful new year under the light of that moon.

Sonya said…
We have snow here too so I doubt I see anything..Im going to go and check since here it's almost 10pm.

Happy New Year!
Traci said…
Oh, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. How wonderful of you to share your space with my "baby". I am beaming right now!!!!

Happy New Year to You. Stay warm up there. I always shiver when I look at your thermometer. You can get me back this summer, however, when we break triple digits for days in a row -- LOL!
Audrey said…
What a great photo!! I have never seen a blue moon, lucky you!

I wish for you an awesome and productive 2010!
Unknown said…
It was so lovely! We braved the cold to stare at it for a while! Our world is truly spectacular, isn't it? : )

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