What can you do to help?

Each year, we try our best to take 'some' amount of money and give to charity. We aren't wealthy folks by any means, but it only takes a little to help.

Earlier this year, we donated to this organization. Smile Train is near and dear to our hearts, as it is really a simple operation (cleft palate) that is LIFE ALTERING. The best thing about this particular charity is that it empowers; instead of sending around a crew of docs to 'do' the surgeries, Smile Train teaches doctors in other countries to perform this simple operation for themselves. Did you know that it only takes a donation of $250 to perform one operation??? Life altering--for the price of a Nintendo Wii!! Think about that....

This Christmas, we've decided to give to World Vision. If you didn't know already, they have a catalogue of useful ways to donate your money. You can choose to help those far away, or those close to you at home.
Win win! I likey!
Since my Chuckleheads are little, i thought they might find it fun to send 'livestock'. We looked through the catalogue together and decided on 2 hens and a rooster, plus one piglet! While giving the 'gift' of animals at Christmas isn't always the wisest of decisions, we are confident in knowing how much this gift WILL make a difference.

Please check your budgets, sofa cushions, change jars....whatever!! Or, take a quick look through your pantry this holiday to see what you can do.

I PROMISE it is worth it---EVERY single time.



I have very little, but every year I loan another $25 to an entrepreneur through KIVA.org. When the money is repaid, I reloan it and keep adding to the pot. It's amazing how much good so little can do.
Sonya said…
I think it's wonderful that you did it with your kids. It teaches them the value of giving aswell and knowing they help someone else out. Thanks for those links..I've bookmarked and heading over there to now look at it!

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