Decking the Halls-- Child Labour Involved (j/k!)

Making a Popcorn garland for the tree!

The finished product!

Cheers this holiday season, 2009!



Lee Ann said…
LOVE your tree!! It looks great, I am glad you managed to dig your way out to go get it! xxx
SamiJoe, that is beautiful! I love how pretty the strung popcorn looks on a tree, can't use it though with pets around!

Thanks for checking out my midlife mom post, never a dull moment since!
Nancy C said…
Beautiful! And, what a fun indoor project for the kiddos.
Anonymous said…
I'm scrolling through blogs and just want to tell you that I LOVE your living room. Not just the decorations, but the whole thing. Now I want to move into your house.
Unknown said…
Why thankyou Beth!
It actually received a complete transformation. The Xmas tree was a little larger than anticipated, so we had to work it in.
I appreciate the compliment!
Andrea said…
How pretty! Happy holidays to you and yours!

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