1st Day @ C.O.P

DaddyO & Beebo spent a fine morning at Canada Olympic Park. It was Beebo's very first time downhill skiing. Apparently, she liked it ALOT!

That made MommyO soooo happy!~

I was afraid she might cry.

Looks like we've got another skier in the family. DaddyO said she did surprisingly well and that by the end of the morning, she was snow ploughing down the hill next to him, holding only his hand.

Gosh, i hope no one 'breaks' anything...

Can you tell who the 'non' downhiller is in the family?? The little man aside (because he definitely is crazy enough to throw himself down a hill at top speed!), it is I. I am a lover of Cross-Country skiing...

Yep, mighty boring i guess.

But i think the hills involved in XCountry skiing are PLENTY big enough for me. No need to go testing myself down these Rocky Mountains...

if i felt like breaking a leg, i'd step out in front of a moving vehicle! For realsies.

This will most likely be a DaddyO event in the years to come. I'll happily be the 'Chalet Mom', sipping hot cocoa (with Bailey's), reading and waiting to lunch with my fam.

How about you?? Downhill or no hill?



kate said…

I didn't have the nickname Kamakaze Kate for nothing...

That is so awesome! My daughter started at 3 years old now 15 I can't even ski where she skis. I' so out of shape to tear it up with them I ski half day and sit in lodge knit and drinking coffee. Happy New Year!
Sonya said…
OMGosh that is so great! I have never gone skiing before and neither have my kids..in the netherlands everyone ice skates so they are picking that up a bit..I've yet to get my butt on the ice..lol

Happy New Year!
D'Anna said…
YEA!!!! I think it is WONDERFUL! We only have cross-country here because. . . we have very small hills! HA! I would love to try to downhill - because gravity is in your favor . . . cc is HARD! (must be while you're in such great shape, Sami!)
We have some friends taking a skiing trip to Bellorussia - - might try it there sometime.

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