If I could be one place this evening....

Oldest Bar on George with GOOD Reason!

I would hop on a plane and head right to Christian's, in St. John's, Newfoundland! (Read about George Street here)

Tonight is their annual "Customer Appreciation" night. Where the house packs in with the best of friends and the best of drinks (free ones at that!). Well, that is, ONLY if you're one of the priviledged few (Read: regular).

I promise that while i was a 'regular' at Christian's, it was only because i tended bar; though i should probably fess up to consuming a disgusting amount of tequila in that building and inhaling more cigarettes than one needs in a lifetime. (3 years aged me twenty!)

But oh, the times.

I usually feared this night. I remember them all like they were yesterday. Can we say, 'slam out drinks non-stop for 12hrs?'

I remember the first Christmas bash, where 'Eric' said this perfectly wrong...Right. In. Front. Of. Me. All too classic.

"Are you trying to get me advantage and take drunk of me?"

He didn't live that one down easily for months. In fact, we made sure it lived on our 'quote' board for the better part of a year.

I remember in year two, having to escort a woman (the age of my mother btw-) out of the bar and to a taxi. I had to first get her out of a bathroom stall, a feat i did not expect to be such a challenge. She cussed me harder than i had ever experienced; i think i actually learned a few too! AT LEAST, she didn't puke on me...

Oh yes, and year 3. In year 3, a lady lost her teeth on the floor! Nuff said.

i'd be THERE in a heartbeat tonight! The good with the bad, the friends i made in Newfoundland are like no other.

Have a great time tonight!
Wish i could be there to serve you all a few-- it was the best way to ring in the season!


*disclaimer: even if i had not worked at this bar, i would have hung out there--ALOT--!!!. Best kind! *


Sounds like a great place...I'll have a double of what ever your having!
Nancy C said…
Oh, I'm there. I swear, you learn more about people in food service than anywhere else...
Matty said…
It sure sounds like the place to be tonight. I'm sure you made some life long friends too.
Unknown said…
Yes, it was a real experience! Taught me lots!

Their spirit and hospitality cannot be outdone. What a lovely bunch of people--even at their worst, lol--we've all had 'those' moments.
You're there in spirit. Cheers!

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