Who's Who?

Everyone always says she looks like hubby and i'm tired of it! They only say that because they can't imagine my hair being the same colour as hers (for what it's worth--dh and i had the same hair colour as kids--so what if i dye it red now?).

Well, here's a picture of me around the same age as Beebo. Both of us seem to have an affinity for twirling around the kitchen!!

And, if you couldn't actually tell 'Who's Who?", the bottom photo is so obviously ancient---as in , circa 1981 (and in fact, the mug that is on the counter i have in my cupboard--WEIRD!) !!
Yep, she's more like 'Me' than some of you thought.

Including, those nice Aries impatient, stubborn and outspoken traits!




Matty said…
A chipette off the ole block. Like mother, like daughter.
Dee said…
Wow, I enlarged the pic of you at her age and she really is a dead ringer for you. Both very cute, I might add!
Lee Ann said…
yep like wee peas in a pod! Although I am trully offended at your use of the word ancient!! That was the year I was born! LOL

I also have a huge white/grey stripe of hair down the middle of my head (yep good old skunk style) and 2 hairs on my chin LOL I somehow got a raw deal here!
Sonya said…
Yep she so looks like you!! those are great photos!
Well, if you say so.

You are both adorable.

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