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So, i can understand how someone my age (32) *might* begin to get gray hairs. It's a fact of life, i've learned to accept it... and have VOWED to dye over it at all costs!

Anyways, i seem to have ONE measly gray hair. Yep, just one.

And, i should be 'okay' with that...

Two kids, 1 dog, 2 cats, and a goldfish--oh ya, the hubby---all of these things have contributed to the lonely gray hair. It seems worth it and earned.

But why, oh why does that one measly gray hair have to be the ONLY one on my head that is curly??

And it SOOOOOOOO wants to be curly!!!

It is also a shorter hair and wants to stand straight up for the whole world to see!


I can live with the gray hair, but the 'curliness' HAS TO GO!!

**thanks to Nancy, i am reminded that it could be worse. And yes, it is...i do indeed, have one hair that grows out of my chin. Don't know how i could have forgotten about that? **


Nancy C said…
Aging and the weirdness of hair is another one of nature's cruel jokes. I've got some doozies, too. I wish they were growing out of my head, instead of my chin. YIKES.
Unknown said…
YIKES! I do have one hair growing out of my chin (though it isn't gray) --how could i forget all about that one??

Guess i wasn't fully ready to admit to THAT one yet....

Pluck it !! If you just have one don't keep it. I have a gray eyebrow lash and I need to keep it or I thing it will leave a bald spot. Have a wonderful weekend.
Unknown said…
YAY--you made it safe and sound! Have a great Xmas back in the USA!

*And i think i's days are numbered!
Matty said…
I think I started getting the gray in my 30's too. Of course, that's when mother nature started taking my hair too. Then again, I could have just blamed it on a wife and kids.
D'Anna said…
ONE hair on your chin - - count yourself very very lucky, girl! ; )
Sonya said…
Oh boy..I had the same thing when I was 32 and then out of nowhere they sprouted all over the side of my hair and dang do they stand out. Im trying to pretend like Im just way to cool to I also noticed that when I smile now, I have tiny wrinkles on the sides of my eyes..Sigh..I'm 35 now and can just imagine wat fun things are in store for me from here on
At least you don't have the curly gray hair on your chin.
Unknown said…
Yes, at least.

But then there would be no question--it would be gone!

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