Sundays In My City~ -31C Edition

Hmm... i like this topic for my Sunday blog (so kindly hosted by Unknown Mami), however i am realizing it implies 'What's happening in my City'. I do not live in town. And i'm sure you don't want to see a whole bunch of pictures of me freezing my arse off in our snowy abode. Therefore, i am going into town today after hubby returns from skiing (in a cool -31C--he's nutso!) for some Christmas shopping. I PROMISE to take a picture of 'City' stuff and post it here later on--

For now, here's a picture of me taking the dogs outside in -31C....

Yes, it's cold. I WON'T lie! But a down jacket solves almost all issues. Never be seen without your hat or gloves, and perhaps a pair of snowpants.

Definitely no 'fashionista' life for me. OH AND don't be forgetting to put on your BIG SORELS!!

Icy mornings like this are TRULY the ones that require Bailey's in your coffee.

Feeling Christmasy yet??

Unknown Mami

*stay tuned for a 'City' picture later on today.


Matty said…
I do not envy you at all with that cold weather. The older I get, the more I mind it. When I retire, I'm heading to a warm climate.

BUT.....I do envy you living in a rural area. The header photo is great, and I was wondering where it was taken.
Sonya said…
Oh please dont stop posting these types of pictures! I just love it. I however DO envy all the snow and the area you live in. Im originally from Oregon and we lived way out in the middle of I live in the netherlands in a city with no privacy at are ever so lucky!
Stay warm and hopefully see you next sunday!
Love seeing all the snow! It is bitter cold here today but rarely snows! I miss the snow we are heading to Utah for Christmas to me snow = Christmas! Stay warm! Have a wonderful Sunday!
Nancy C said…
Your snow hat is adorable. I love me an Elmer Fudd hat...I have about six of them.

I hope the skiing was fun for the husband...I love reading your stuff, so keep it up.

(And enjoy that Baileys!)
Unknown said…
This made me want to run and get some cocoa right away! Brrrrr. It is freezing out there. Here too! And that is why I am tucked away indoors!
Helen McGinn said…
The blue photographs (that could be misconstrued!) are wonderful! It looks too cold for me though and I live in Scotland! I'm loving your blog, I've been looking around. xx
rockstar mama said…
Love the snow!!!! We need to visit you guys one day!
Oh I come from the opposite extreme, and I'm not sure I could do snow for such a long time!

I do love fresh new snow, for little stretches though. After 3,4 mths I'm just ready for it to go. And not a fan of black ice. At all.
Lori said…
I love pictures of snow! I just don't enjoy being in it! I am a summertime gal! (But in Missouri, we get that nasty cold and snow too!)

Your blog header is fabulous! Love it!!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Great pictures but I'm glad I live in Southern California! That looks reallllly cold.
Thanks for sharing your City
Hey, I'd have no problem with you posting pictures of yourself freezing your arse off in your snowy abode. I'm just happy to be invited along.
Unknown said…
Oh yes, babysitting Nelson. So two dogs for this week. AND he is NOT equipped for -31C. We need to put a coat on him and everything!!

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