Sundays in My City~ Still Recovering....

The blizzard i spoke of on Friday....

smacked us REAL good!

Non-stop winds, non-stop snow (friday 8am-sunday 8am).

Major drifting in the drive has caused considerable plowing, at least 10 feet of it.

Gotta love Canadian winters!

As if having a nice blizzard doesn't do us all in, we get to shovel in -30C (wind chill).

Extra Awesome.

Thanks to Unknown Mami for hosting 'Sundays in my City'!
I'm loving this opportunity to see how we're all doing today!!

Unknown Mami



I'm embarrassed to say I've never really experienced snow. Thanks for showing me yours.

I linked you up. You don't have to link, but if you do it's easier for people to click on the link and come and visit your blog.

The sidebar pictures of the Chucleheads are too cute!
Sounds like you had some weather! I'd love a little snow!
Sounds like you had some weather! I'd love a little snow!
Sonya said…
I'm soooooooo envious! We get a small amount of snow in january or February..I would love to have a white a christmas..just once! Have a wonderful week!
Joanna Jenkins said…
So the kids have a "snow week" off school, not just a "snow day"????? That is A LOT OF SNOW! Now I remember why I live in Los Angeles :-)

Hope you get dug out soon.
Lee Ann said…
it looks awesome! Not so awesome fo the wind chill!
Unknown said…
Oh so pretty. And FREEZING! I feel like I need warmer socks and gloves now after having looked at it! We just got a teeny little bit of snow! THANK GOD! I just hate driving in it!
Nancy C said…
So very pretty, but how stir crazy are you getting? Are your kids good about playing in the stuff? Here's hoping!
Unknown said…
Yes, none of us mind the snow so much. It's the -30C that stops us from playing for long!
Traci said…
Now that's snow!

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