Sundays In My City~ A Review

Some holiday fudge...pecans included!

Shortbread cookies too, yum!

Christmas Eve jammies...

DaddyO playing with fire.

Xman watching DaddyO play with fire (Read: FIREWORKS). Ps--i think his outfit is too cool!!

Tempted by Santa cookies!

I snuck out to see if Santa had visited yet...

Opening stockings Christmas morning. This is the only picture of me in my jammies you will ever see on my blog.

Checking out what Santa brought for them!

Shoes that will. NEVER. come. off!

Blanket made just for Xman (by moi!). I never thought a two year old would be so excited!

Poppa Buz' fun, but not-so-age-appropriate-gift. He can barely hold his head up! But it makes NOISE!!

Maybe DaddyO-age-appropriate??

Back home Boxing Day... one VERY tired kiddo!~

Boxing Day ... finishing off a beautiful Christmas 2009!

Christmas, is definitely for kids!! Boy am I tired! Phew! LOL

Plus, DaddyO and i now have a Wii Super Mario addiction--awesome! Like we need that....

Thanks Unknown Mami for hosting!

Unknown Mami

See you all for 'Sundays In My City', in 2010!



I say more pictures of you in yor PJ's!
Bekah said…
YAY for PJ's!! Your kids are adorable, and I love that last shot.
Sonya said…
What wonderful photos you posted! I think we need more pj photos..LOL
Unknown said…
What a perfect Christmas recap! I just love it! So great. I love the blanket you made! How great that he was SO excited about it : )
Unknown said…
PS I would never take those GORGEOUS shoes off either : )
Joanna Jenkins said…
Kids make Christmas morning so magical. Thanks a million for sharing yours. It made my day.
Lisa said…
Fun, fun, fun.

Your kids are just adorable. It looks like there are lot of requests for more pictures of mom :)
Unknown said…
Hmm... you all like the jammies i see.
Maybe i'll have to start a 'different' blog! LOL
Unknown said…
Awesome! Wonderful memorable shots! :)

Hope you're having the best holidays this year! :)
Nancy C said…
Great pics! The last on in particular is stunning.

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