Trying on the Gear!

Beebo is playing soccer this year,

and was very excited to try out her new gear!

Now, let's just hope we can keep her running in the correct direction-LOL!


that is just simply too cute!
Anonymous said…
Awww, she looks absolutely adorable!!
Love it!!

Trinity played last year and had loads of fun. We've signed her up again for this season as well!!!

Happy Easter to all of you!
Unknown said…
Awwwwwwwwwww! I sort of hope she runs the wrong way because wouldn't that be the BEST post ever : )
starnes family said…
Kids are SO cute in gear. I love it. Enjoy a great season!
Matty said…
Aw, she's a doll. You're a good mom and blogger to record it with pictures. Here's to hoping she gets her "kicks" playing soccer.
Dee said…
So grown up! I'm sure she will be a soccer super star with her athletic lineage.
Oh, I can tell she had mad skillz just by looking at her.

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