Wordless Wednesday

My indoor tomatoe-y goodness!
Planted March 1, 2010.

I hope i don't kill it!


I can't wait for fresh tomatoes from my garden.
Sonya said…
Who hoo..the plant looks great!
Nancy C said…
I love the smell of a tomato plant.
I hope you don't kill it either because tomatoes can be sooo yummy.
Cyndy Bush said…
Good luck with it! I want to plant a few veggies but I'm so unexperienced...I don't want to kill them!
Melani said…
Yes, I love tomatoes too! :) Good luck with it! :)
Traci said…
Fingers crossed. It sure looks lgood.
We just bought this thing called Topsy Turvy that is supposed to be great for patio tomatoes. We'll see.
Killara girl said…
yum, that looks great. we just planted ours yesterday...some cherry tomatoes. i don't know if they'll live, these days i seem to kill everything...except my kids luckily lol. i'm glad our neighbours vine grew over ourside last year, and i plucked a couple from there (seeing as they didn't bother to pull it back ;))

the reno's stopped for now, we haven't been able to refinance, but hopefully we'll get the backyard a little more livable...instead of that mound of dirt this summer....that's a start. (thanks for asking)
Mrs. M said…
Looks pretty good so far!!! Hope they flourish! :)

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