Niagara Net-Zero Project

I have the lovely priviledge of knowing a group of people who are trying to do Mother Earth some good. I encourage you to check out the Niagara Net-Zero Project, to learn how you too could help Mother Earth (and your own wallet!).

Informed Energy Solutions, to a brighter-cleaner future! New government incentives make this prospect even more do-able (especially in Canada). Maybe you should join in the energy making fun?

I hope you all had an enjoyable Earth Day yesterday. I spent it outside on a glorious, sunshiney spring day and got a sunburn-oopsy! Then today i woke up to a blanket of snow on the ground! Now that's a kick in the pants- darn global warming! LOL


Ashley said…
SNOW?!! I hate when mother nature teases us like that. I'm holding out hope we don't get any our way...been enjoying this spring waaaay too much!
Unknown said…
SamiJoe, you are the best! Thanx for the advertisement. Right now we're trying to get NNZP on Twitter. And I thought blogging was getting easier!

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