Hey Jude

T-Mobile, Sing-Along, Trafalgar Square



Marla said…
Oh my goodness! This looks like a BLAST!!!
Unknown said…
This is the weekend of computer maddness. I am mad at my computer because it's acting wierd. It's mad at me because it won't let me hear the audio on the videos you and others have posted. Etc. etc.

I am going to download all my favs and then get this wicked machine fixed!

It looked like a great sing along.
Audrey said…
That is so cool!! Would love to do that!
Lynn said…
I sang along! You ARE going to put your tomato plant outside, aren't you?
Unknown said…
The tomato plant will go in the greenhouse when it's warm enough for it. Tomatoes die easily in Alberta.
Aw...I came to visit and check you out and the video won't come up! i think it is our work internet settings, so I will have to come back tonight! Have a great Monday!

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