Sundays In My City~ Missing You Edition

This week was Easter break. Grandma Roe was heading to British Columbia to visit her sister and Mum, so since Beebo was off school, she was able to have her first solo trip! Eek!

While MommyO and DaddyO probably worried more about how it would all go down, our darling Beebo never once expressed questions of being homesick. She really is brave compared to us.

I am thankful to Westjet, for first of all, allowing this whole experience to run seamlessly. Walking my 4 years old to the gate myself was a very nice way to leave my firstborn. We were allowed a proper goodbye and when i left, i knew she was safely in her G'mas care.

Today Beebo is seen through new eyes.

Her independence astounds me, as she seeks out each new task with enthusiasm- regardless of where MommyO, DaddyO or Xman may be.

Experience her trip to Great Aunt Heather's farm!


Meeting Willie.

Great-Aunt Heather went to a LOT of trouble catching this guy for Beebo to pet!



it was a baby chick, now it's not. Looks like he'll just eat it; taken care of.

I want to go up there...

but i'll need a little help...

I love Willie! He's such a nice horsey!

The farm life is definitely for me!

We certainly missed our Beebo, but we knew she was having a blast!

Special kudos and thanks to G'ma Roe for providing the pictures!
If you'd like to know G'ma Roe better, check out her blog Steadfast Ahoy!

Unknown Mami
If you haven't popped in to visit Mami this week, DO IT!

Happy Sunday!

ps~ Aunt Chrissy & baby Arnold were a strong highlight in this trip. The cousins had a great opportunity to bond!


Sonya said…
Aaww what a great adventure this was for her! I can remember when my mom took my son to California and he was 7! He had the best time though.

The pictures were great as always! Have a fantastic week!
Nancy C said…
What a wonderful adventure. Brave mommy for letting her go. I'm sure that was hard!
Anonymous said…
Oh Darlin, Good for you for letting her go!! Not easy, I'm sure.

Awesome pics!!
Thanks for sharing ;)
Killara girl said…
gosh what gorgeous photos...they grow up too quick, that's why i had 7 lol :)
Unknown said…
Papa Buz was sad he couldn't go too. We had tons of fun. I'd do it again, which says alot.

Thanks for the blog advertisement.
Oh my gosh! First solo trip?! Yikes. I'm proud of both of you. I love the second photo.
Marla said…
These photos are wonderful! What great memories to make.

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