FYI Friday!

At home, i have this wicked book by Readers Digest that tells me "Extraordinary Uses for Ordinary Things." It was a gift, a gift that has helped out many a times. Lately i have come across a few tips that i found interesting and that perhaps, you might find interesting too!

Cooking Spray
-Who needs WD-40?? You can lubricate your bike chain or cure a door squeak.
-Prevent Grass from sticking on mower blades and the underside of the housing by spraying them with cooking spray before starting.

Dental Floss
-Remove a stuck ring. Wrap your finger from the ring to the end tightly with dental floss. Now the ring can slide over the new 'carpet' you've provided. (of course, plz remember to take the dental floss off afterwards!)
-Secure a button permanently! Have a button that keeps falling off?? Sew it on with dental floss instead.
-Slice cake and cheeses easily. Especially delicate or sticky cake that would adhere to a knife. Hold the length of floss tautly over the cake and then slice away, moving the floss from side to side. This also works if you need to make small cubes of cheese.

Disposable Diapers
-Instant heating pad! Take advantage of the disposable diapers high-absorbency, to make a pliant and soft heating pad. Moisten the diaper and place in the microwave on a medium-high setting for 2minutes. Check that it's not too hot before using!
-Stuck for bubble wrap?? In a pinch, use a disposable diaper to protect fragile items during shipping. The disposable does cost more, but if the package needs to get out today-this will work!

Duct Tape
-Temporarily hem your pants! (Where was this tip when i needed to do just this in a pinch a few months back?) Bonus, it'll even last through a few washes!

-Eliminate Unpopped Popcorn. Don't you just hate having unpopped kernels at the bottom of the bowl?? Keeping your popcorn supply in the freezer will help thwart this problem.

-Instant pedicure toe-separaters!
-Keep brown sugar moist by adding a few marshmallows to the bag-works for weeks!

-Add a teaspoon of pepper to the wash load, to keep bright colours bright and prevent them from running too!

-Keep jewellery chains unknotted. Run the chain through a straw cut to the proper length and close the clasp. You'll never find knotted necklaces again!

-Make wicks for watering plants. Useful for a short trip, fill a large container with water and place it next to your potted plants. Cut a piece of string so that it is long enough to hang down to the bottom of the container at one end and be buried a few inches in the soil of the pots at the other end. Soak the string until it is thoroughly wet and put it in position. As the soil dries out, capillary action will draw water from the reservoir to the pots through the strings.

Happy Friday All!


Melani said…
Love all the tips! I had to go back and re read what you wrote at the beginnng, see I thought you said it was from Reader Digest.

I think we should start a meme on Readers Digest "stuff"! You know how they have the short articles of ..."what your waiter/waitress doesn't want you to know" those are the BEST!
Mrs. M said…
So amazing what we can do with stuff we think only serves one purpose. Thanks for sharing!! :)
Marla said…
Ok, these were great however the marshmallow between the toes...I got a good laugh at that visual. Awesome!

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