Still Waiting Wednesday...(but we're almost there)!

GLEE, Season 2 begins April 13, 2010

Look for it!
Watch it!
I guarantee it's fun!

I'M a GLEE-k!
Are you?

ps~ Two words....Jane Lynch.


CalgaryDaddy said…
I missed it in the fall, but I know my wife would love it. Maybe a Box set is in order?

CanadianMama said…
Oh man - so so so excited!!
Tabatha said…
i love it and can't wait for season two to start!!!
Nancy C said…
I love this show. Why must it come on the same night as Lost?
Lee Ann said…
I don't think I need answer the question lol! You know if my deep love! We aren't even through with season 1 yet! Although I am still jealous of you!
Traci said…
Glee-ks unite!!! Today was Glee heaven -- cast of Glee on Oprah. I cannot wait for the season to start!!! We should have a Glee Twitter Party!
Audrey said…
I have never watched Glee, and probably won't :)
CSI, Criminal Minds, Numbers, Ice Road Truckers, Pawn Stars are more up my alley.

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