Living GREENer

A handful of times (ok two), i have blogged about how our family tries to be GREENer in our everyday lives. Here, and here. Admittedly, we can ALL do better at this task.

So imagine my surprise to find out that my blog is NOT so GREEN??

Ya, uh huh, who knew that writing out my thoughts on this blog instead of in a journal containing paper could be WASTEFUL!

Well all that is about to change!

carbon neutral coupons with

By inserting this little button into my blog and by contacting the folks at by email, they will plant a tree in my honour- THUS neutralizing any carbon emissions created by my blog.

I encourage you all to visit How To Make Your Blog GREENer, and to make one less thing of yours GREENer along the way.

ps-totally promise to go back and format this post! IF BLOGGER feels like working ever! argh!


That is so cool.I need to neutralize carbon emissions created by my blog as well.
Urban Girl said…
Love that - always wondered how I could "neutralize" my blog!


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