Tell Me, Tell Me Tuesday

I normally will not post a picture like this, for extreme fear of what may happen. But this time, the circumstances were just too good. DaddyO, the kids and I had just finished up a nice refreshing soak in the hot-tub and after having stripped off our wet attire, were sitting in the sunshine on the deck. MOST of us had our robes on. However, Xman decided that HE would rather shovel off the remaining slushy snow from the previous days snowstorm. HE decided to whip off his robe and HE decided to do it shoeless.

*Picture has been removed*

Shovel shovel shovel,
a hard days work is never done.
Even when you are two and naked.

So Tell Me, Tell Me...have you ever had a moment with your child that was unshowable?? We just laughed and laughed and laughed-- no one was rushing to stop him, lol.


Heather said…
Oh, Sam that is too funny! I laughed so hard! Thanks for this.....My parents took a picture of me when I was about his age, riding my riding horse with nothing on. They used to show it (much to my embarrassment) and called me "Lady Godiva".....traumatizing! but funny now when I look back on it.
JeanetteSchenk said…
Oh yeah! When my eldest was 2-3 she would rarely keep her clothes on. We have pictures of her sitting in a bucket, naked eating chocolate pudding very messily on my parents deck. Love these mommy moments - thanks for the smile this morning!
That is adorable. Love the little Superman cover up,lol.

Yes, I had few of those moments with my boys. Especially the younger one. He was born nudist. Didn't care if we were in public or home. When the need came the clothes went off.
Melani said…
ahahahah I think you posted this in great taste!

My 2.5 yr old, Brandon, likes to run butt-naked from our bathroom all the way to the living room and scream "neebie cheebies!" which means "nudy-patudy!" which is what we say when they are naked....but to try and video it has never worked! LOL
cute picture! when we first started potty training our oldest was naked all the time, he would answer the door naked, go outside naked and loved to pee on the grass *sigh* I think it's a boy thing!
My dad took B&W movies of us straddling logs and paddling them in a river somewhere, back in the day. All three of us were buck naked.
Mrs. M said…
Love it! What a hard worker he is - nothing holds him back, not even nudity. :)
Nancy C said…
Nothing like a naked shovel.

Sonya said…
LOL thats so fantastic! seriously though..if I were skinny like that, I would totally shovel naked aswell!
Tree said…
Oh wow!! That is just hilarious! LOL He will LOVE you in the future for taking that photo (NOT tee hee).
Lee Ann said…
Hilarious!! I found a pic of Fraser last night, he would 2yo and was completely naked, standing outside with a fleecy winter hat on his head
Well, we've definitely never had a shoveling experience, but there are definitely some pictures that aren't showable.
Anonymous said…
Oh I am sure anyone with kids has had a moment or two like yours. It was nearly impossible to keep clothes on my daughter at that age. One sunny spring day I let her out into our backyard and soon heard her little voice. When I stuck my head out the door there she was stark naked except for her rubber boot, Hands on her hips and standing on top of the picnic table chatting it up with our next door neighbour. He was laughing and I was somewhat horrified.
Ashley said…
Ha! I especially love the Superman emblem! I love that age where they are just uninhibited...not fear of embarrassment. Soak it in while you can!
legend_018 said…
such a cute picture. My girls hang around in the house naked a lot. They love it too much and I gave up fighting a losing battle. LOL. although lately they have been wearing clothes more often. I'll soon forget about these days when there older and most likely wont be so excited about hanging around the house bare naked. LOL
Rebecca said…
Oh Dear! Thank you for the good laugh. That is so funny! And in 3 degree weather??!! Is that Celsius? Or Fahrenheit? If it's Celsius, that means it's somewhere in the neighborhood of 30 Fahrenheit? Right? Either way, it was extremely cold. (I don't envy your weather yet, but ask me in July and August!)

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