Tell Me, Tell Me Tuesday

Hubby has gone out of town.
That leaves me, completely able to watch whatever frivolously-yucky-trashy show on television that strikes my fancy.
Boy did i get lost last night!

"How Clean Is Your House?"

Have you seen It?

Lovely ladies. Lovely.
I love their affinity for baking soda and vinegar,
and praise their teaching efforts by taking samples
to show the actual level of disgust.
I can.not believe what they'll touch -ungloved.
*Last night, a fingernail was touched to a toilet that had NOT been washed for twenty years. Yes, i said 20! The image replaying in my head sends shivers down my spine.*

I am not sure how some people live like that?

Anyways, watching this show certainly made my house feel like a palace.
I'll try not to ride my children so hard for being terrorizes to cleanliness.
We do okay.

When i said i was going to watch 'trashy' tv, i didn't exactly mean TRASHY!
Oh well, what had i expected?

Flipped a channel up or down- i'm not completely sure on that. Stumbling into a show i've never seen but certainly held an attention getting title.

"16 and Pregnant"
(But that's a whole other post.)

After a few minutes of watching, i decided to move along. This still wasn't trashy and fun.

Housewives of some city or other had to do.

Tell Me,
Tell Me.
What does your remote land on, when your hubby is away?

ps~ Happy 420!


Melani said…
I probably watch the same things when he is home! I love Desperate Housewives and he will watch it with me sometimes, and I will always pause it and explain the situatin to him, makes him feel more part of! I like the whole Twilight series and so my daughter and I watched Twilight 2 times and then we watched New Moon 2 times! It was a great bonding time with her, she just turned 15, and we can relate it to the books! I know I am a total geek, oh and I love GLEE!
Lee Ann said…
Lol I am in the same boat this week, I have been tramatising myself with toddlers and tiaras!!!!! Um it is quite disturbing but also strangely addictive! Wife swap, same as above and also various parenting/ supernanny/ reality birth shows.

Murray is usually really good at watching the rubbish I enjoy, but he draws the line at the above shows :)
I have no TV..however, when I did? Hello House Hunters!
I don't really watch TV unless my husband is home, but if I do watch without him I'm probably watching some kind of British comedy that he would roll his eyes at. Something like, "Keeping Up Appearances". I love that show.
Helen McGinn said…
The Gilmore Girls! ;O)
Marla said…
"How Clean Is Your House?" is awesome. I usually scream outloud while watching. BBC is THE channel!

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