It's that time of Year...

Grass fire season!

Our winter was not that wet (read: apparently it did not snow enough),
so the fires have begun!
Prelude to a seemingly terrible summer...

Come on April Showers!!
(btw, yesterday we did have an April Shower--it involved: rain, MAJOR wind, lots of snow AND thunder and lightening! All at the same time!)

Happy Friday Everyone!


Shana said…
Wow, i bet yesterday's weather was a sight to behold for sure. That is quite a mixture.
Sonya said…
Wow that seems so early for fires! I love the photos you take from your car..the sky looks amazing aswell.

Have a wonderful day my friend!
CalgaryDaddy said…
That Storm was nasty!
Michele said…
Ahhh, the Annual April Snow Storm... always fun!!
Our power was out for 3 hours... crazy.
Fascinating. I had no idea!
SamiJoe said…
Alberta has a lot of tall grasses. Because we didnt have our normal snowfall amounts, everything is really dried out and our water table is pretty low.
The grass fires only happen not because it is too hot, but because a spark is not taken care of properly.
ALWAYS make sure your fire is out!
Matty said…
Interesting weather you get there.

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