I'm Intrigued...

Has anyone ever purchased one of these kits for their kiddos??

I think it is something they would LOVE~
but, i forsee the Not-wanting-to-let-them-go issue...


Matty said…
I never even heard of it before. My initial reaction is that it sounds like something kids would enjoy. But I wonder about the loss of interest over a week or two of waiting. Gotta love the marketing aspect of it.....after you release them, ORDER MORE and DO IT ALL OVER AGAIN.
Unknown said…
Yep--leading me to my next question... how much for more butterflies??
Sonya said…
Oooh I want one for myself! lol
Unknown said…
WOw... never heard of this before either.
Trinity would love this.
Very, very cool. ;)
I already wrote to you on Facebook, but for your readers of your blog:

This looks just like the butterfly kit that we get for our classroom, but we have to divvy out the food and caterpillars into each their own containers where they grow and form a chrysalis on said lid.

We take all those out, tape the lids to tree branches in a netting or sticks or what have you.

And yes, it works, and we let them free!

There is some stuff that drips off them that looks like blood. I can't remember what it is, but it always scares the kids and we need to reassure them the butterflies are okay.

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