Sundays In My City~ Bitch Slapped

I'll preface by telling you that the moisture is definitely welcome and necessary. But dude- this is spring. In spring, it should rain. Right?
We have been coatless for a few weeks now. Obviously It has been a really nice feeling; the freedom to just let the breeze brush your skin. Carrying around Rubbermaid containers of clothing in our car is what all good Albertans do-for this reason: Did you know that Calgary is one of the only major cities in the world to receive snow in all 12 months of the year?? Sick.

The playdate we had on Thursday at the park with our Aunt & Cousin was a glorious day. We had some good April UV (one shoulder perhaps a little too much) and enjoyed a nice lunch. Lil' Cousin rolled back and forth (a first!) watching Xman and Beebo climb!~ Hats were on and off, dirt was thrown- warmth was good all around.

Fast forward.
Late afternoon yesterday, the skies darkened. We had just set up the heater in our greenhouse, for a test drive of nighttime temps. My house is overflowing with plants that need to get out (snow peas, scarlet runner beans, tomatoes, pumpkins, spaghetti squash, dill, basil, cucumbers, honeybee tomatoes, basil & edamame)! Leafy fare has taken over!

As you can see, my mind is clearly not into that white stuff anymore. I have moved forward. I accept rain. I appreciate precipitation of the droplet kind and will accept nothing else! My fingernails have been dirty all week with gardening chores; i have fully jumped into Spring with both, rainboots!
Well... those darkened skies unleashed a nasty spring storm on us. And, to my knowledge, almost everyone i know around me got rain. Guess how i made out?

The white stuff appears to have a magnetic attraction to planned garden dates. Thwarting me once again!!

Happy freakin' Sunday in My City!
Unknown Mami

*Be sure to visit Unknown Mami-i guarantee the rest of the gang is having a sunnier Sunday!*


Nancy C said…
Ugh. Enough, already! My mom and dad live in Colorado, and also get snow sometimes as late as June. I don't think I could take it, although it is so lovely much of the time.
Anonymous said…
I can't believe snow in all twelve months of the year! It certainly looked pretty enough just before the storm.

I love this Sunday feature. Am heading over to Unknown Mami now.
May said…
Seriously!!! 12 months of snow???? I cannot even imagine it!!! I already dread the month of December and am not looking forward to it!!! Don't you just love the sunshine???
Sonya said…
Wooow..enough is enough! Look at all of your wonderful plants!! they are looking fantastic. I cant wait for your cucumbers to grow..I loved watching mine get bigger..and pumpkins..I did that too but only managed to grow 3..thats not so bad considering they had a realllly small space to spread out in.

Lets hope the sun comes back to you this week!
Unknown said…
Great blog! Love the pictures and the "rolling both ways" news. You have my deepest sympathy in regards to the dump. You know how I try to avoid winter, but spring too??????????
jp said…
more snow? ugh!
we are still kinda cold here in nyc and rainy!
Erin said…
Holy jeeze, I thought a dusting maybe but DANG! You made out with the white stuff! I hope it melts soon, because all those leafy things would be a shame to waste!!!
wow! that's a lot of snow!!

Audrey said…
I really hate to say it - but we Manitobans usually have a good chuckle when it snows in Alberta in spring:) Usually you have wonderful warm weather and we have the crap.
But just remember - where you are, the snow will melt in a day or two!
Have a great week - the sun will shine again.
oh yuck, that is a horrible sight!
Joanna Jenkins said…
Oh man, that is so not fair. Snow in April-- And a lot of it! Sheesh.

Hope it warms up so so you can plant what looks to be a fabulous garden with lots of variety!

Amy DM said…
So sorry. Now I feel a little bit guilty for my year-round sunshine--not really but kinda.

Here from SIMC.
Prairiemaid said…
Your plants look lovely...healthy and green. But what is all that white stuff??!

Bless your heart. Hope warm weather is at your door soon!
Wow, I didn't know your city can have snow all year around. They never taught us that in geography in my Quebec high school.

It's been warm today here so I am sending you some warm sun rays onto your way! :-)
My jaw just dropped open. Wow!
Melani said…
When I read the title, I was not thinking it was gonna snow on you!? That is so crazy!
OH NO! That is so terrible. for real. I am sorry...your beautiful plants will have to wait a lil bit more, eh?
Rinkly Rimes said…
What changeable weather you have. Sleeveless one minute, snow the next! Incredible!

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