Error in Judgement: Spoke too Soon

I have been thinking all week about titling my blog post Sunday past, "Bitch Slapped". I know in the whole grand scheme of things, none of you probably care about my choice of words at all. IRL i swear. It happens and generally, the kids are not in earshot. Sometimes, no word quite says it all, nor gives the same feeling of satisfaction than uttering the F-word. But typing a bad word just seems so, so…on purpose. It’s almost like in those few seconds it takes me to type that bad word, I could have just chosen a better word instead.
I guess that is just me. I certainly do not frown upon anyone who can actually write/type a bad word. I give you props. Most of the time, I duck and say, sh*tty. In the end it gets the job done and alleviates things a bit.
Back to Sunday…
Yep, titling that post “Bitch Slapped” was not at all necessary. If I had just calmed down a little before writing that post (hasty!), I might have come to realize that Mother Nature did not really want to ‘Bitch Slap’ me… she just wanted to share some precipitation with us. She was not intentionally being mean. After all, the snow melted very quickly and we later garnered a fantastic photo of Xman shovelling naked. One could not have been possible without the other.
(Loves it when you find that silver lining…)
Then yesterday, my hubby told his employees (we run a business out of the house) that if it was snowing at noon, they NEEDED to go home. He then told me that taking Beebo to preschool was probably not a good idea and that I should expect Soccer to be cancelled too. Geesh, sounds serious, right? You’d think we were bracing ourselves for the first snowfall of the year, or that we lived in Florida and did not have much snow driving experience (I was in Florida once when it snowed- no offense, but it was not a happy scene!). We are Canadian, we do not scare at a little bit of snow.

The backyard...

Snow is our lot in life; especially in the Rockies. It occasionally surprises us and ruins a perfectly sunny day, but in the end, snow is not shocking to us.


I’ll admit that yesterday I thought hubby was definitely over-reacting to the weather forecast. We do realize that our spring storms bring it all out and that they far exceed any storm we might get at -20C temps. Twenty-four hours later, it is still snowing. We have drifts about 8 feet high and my driveway is completely done.

The's in there somewhere!?

In fact, the BobCat (digger/plough) is stuck in said driveway and until the wind dies down, there will be no leaving for any reason until this storm stops. No internet (this is being written in Word), but thankfully still with power.

THIS post is about a REAL ‘Bitch Slapping’… Mother Nature, I do apologize for my unkind words on Sunday, but i just don’t see the bigger plan in this neverending squall? Only yesterday did i realize how soon we are heading into May. YOUR actions are NOT appreciated and you have brought my spirit to a new low. Fuck.

Aside: Please please melt fast. However- i would appreciate it if the mud puddles could be kept to a minimum. Thanks. Oh, and be nice and sunshine-y for the following weeks, so we can get this thing called "Spring" on the road.

kindly yours,


Sonya said…
I can not believe you have that much snow right now! I would be going ape shit over it..enough is enough the time you finally thaw out,summer will be over!

Sending warm vibes your way:)
starnes family said…
I love the snow.....not everybody does......but raised in the south and then 3 years in one in Kansas.....I really enjoy it!
Seriously, that much snow. It's May for crying out loud.I so feel for you.
Rebecca said…
The only words I can utter is "oh my gawd". Because don't you guys in Canada know that it might as well be May??!!! wow. Makes me want to move further south.
Wow, you better be careful about your choice of expletives from now on. This is too much!
Unknown said…
We all remember why Woodman woke up one snowing morning in July and immediately decided to move back to Ontario...

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