Sundays In My City~ Hop Hop Hop!

Okay, okay...i KNOW turkey skin ain't so good for us...but for real?? Taking it pre-emptively was NOT very nice!!

Tom is stuffed and ready to go! Missing skin and all!

DaddyO's task was to decorate eggs with the kiddos! (Read: MommyO recently made batches of home-made Playdoh and was really not interested in being covered in food colouring for a few days. I do not have good luck with dye.)

Dried and ready for their transformation...

to bunnies and chicks!

Eggs hiding.
(MommyO is really bad at waiting and must always sneak a peek to see if the Santa/Easter Bunny etc has come.)

Beebo and Xman scouring the backyard for eggs!

Happy Easter Everyone!

Stop in to see Mami and the rest of the gang for,

Unknown Mami


Sonya said…
Happy Easter!! I'd love some turkey..espically the dark meat! yum yum
Anonymous said…
Great pic's, Darlin ;)

Thanks for sharing!!!

Hope you're having a wonderful Easter!!!
Anonymous said…
great photos. stopping by from simc.
Hapy easter to you.
Unknown said…
Wow! Quite the production. Have a delicious and blessed Easter.
Joanna Jenkins said…
Easter at your house looks GREAT! Hope you're all having a great time.
Lee Ann said…
ooh looks Yummy! Happy Easter to you all xx
Happy Easter! Hope you all have a great day!
looks like a great easter!
Happy Easter! Looks like much fun was had.
Audrey said…
I offered to buy Easter Eggs for my boys and hide them. But they thought that since they are 18 & almost 20 years old - they were past the egg hunting stage. Bummer :)
Traci said…
How wonderful. I hope you had a fabulous Easter!

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