Wordless Wednesday

The waitress came back to the table with only one ice cream! Eek!
Since they were very busy, i told her that all would be okay and that my kids would share.
(Read: She'd see the fighting on her rounds and realize they needed another bowl.)

I was speechless.
And so were three tables nearby...

Eating ice-cream.
AND sharing.

Too awesome.

ps~Happy Cinco de Mayo...with a light dusting of snow. Will it ever end??


awww that's cute! and you got a photo of it too! priceless!
CalgaryDaddy said…
Soo Cool! I love it when kids share...it shows what a good mom they have!

Jenn said…
Soo cute!! That would be the day my kids did that!! LOL!!! BTW, where in Alberta are you at? I live at Wabamun Lake, west of Edmonton.
Tree said…
What a beautiful thing when they share! Cute photo! LOL
starnes family said…
Only one bowl? Was she crazy?!

Glad it worked out so well.
Rebecca said…
Cute photo......We are so super cheap it's quite funny, because we normally order just ONE ice cream for all four of us. Might have to get a photo to post one of these days.
Unknown said…
Rebecca--it came as part of their kids meals. No extra cost!
What a cute picture. They are adorable sharing one bowl.
Melani said…
awww! what a cute pic!

See, they sometimes can surprise us, can't they? :)
Mrs. M said…
So glad they shared. My daughter would have to be in JUST the right kind of mood to cooperate like that! :)
Matty said…
YIKES! Two kids and one ice cream? A recipe for disaster. They look so cute.

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