Momma's Day- Part2

Today's Cliche: He Said, She Said

I have recently discovered a fantastic blog!!
Super awesome!
Girl and Guy perpective.
Read on...i'm guessing they'll thrill you too!
For realsies, this new find makes me truly happy!

To cap off a terrific Mother's Day, A song to make all Mama's teary!


neat husband would love to give his opinion too much on mine..he would totally take over. Have a wonderful week.
Audrey said…
My husband and I have very different opinions on a lot of things. Don't think I want to be sharing my blogging with him, need something for myself :)
have a great week!
OH MY GOSH! I Can NOT believe you ACTUALLY posted a Blog ABOUT my Blog! I'm soo humbled, it's NOT EVEN FUNNY! I'm so anxious to hear about your name, SamiJoe. LOVE IT!

Gosh, I owe you one. Again, that just makes my heart go pitter patter. The love is overwhelming. Thank you soo much, again!!!

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