Sucky for Me

A pedicure aside, here is my toe after dropping a couch on it!
Yep, a couch.
Guess i'm getting a little slow these days...

It is not even fully swollen in these pics!

A broken toe just sucks.
No other way to put it.
No one can help it feel better,
and boy do i realize all the things that little toe does for me!

Like... putting all those itty-bitty seeds into my garden on the weekend, crouching.



Shana Putnam said…
Oh I am so sorry. You are right a broken toe is the pits.
Melani said…
Owwwwwwww! I broke my toe one time, the smallest piggy, getting into the tub and smashed it right on the sid eof the tub, I didn't lift my foot high enough and I was in a hurry, to get ready for work of all things....Try to stay off it as much as you can and wear opened toed shoes, no tennis shoes, that will just put pressure on it and cause it to throb, I know!
Nancy C said…
Bummer. My mom still talks about breaking her toe when she was pregnant with my now--34 year old brother. It left quite an impression.
Ugh. That looks so painful. Can you try taping them together? Hope it heals quickly!
Ouch, hope it gets better soon. I felt like I had a vertigo when I had broken toe.

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