I don't get it?

I buy them. I like them in salad.

But for real?
How can i eat a whole jar in one sitting???

Mouth burning (but good burning),
peppery goodness.

GOOD THING i have a greenhouse!
At $2.50 a jar (and i am not preggo)...
this craving has me,


Michelle Faith said…
Yummy I love them too! But the whole jar...idk. :)
Matty said…
Never heard of these. My curiosity is piqued.
Unknown said…
Food cravings are amazing to me. Who knows what or why these things are? Chocolate is still my all time favorite though. Rosemary
Damn some girls like it hot! You are a spice girl for sure!
In one sitting?! Wow.
Melani said…
My hubby loves these, too! But an entire jar in one sitting?? Your mouth is a burning and your butt will be too! LOL j/k

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