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This is a very simple way to spice up your childs room decor! I'll admit it... i like all the twin-bed 'stuff' to be coordinated enough in colour to go onto any bed as necessary. So i usually make the pillow cases to add that extra zip of personality without spending a lot of money. Plus--the kids like to help pick out the fabric (with a little guidance perhaps...)!~

Pinned inside out.

Xman's pillowcase.

Beebo's pillowcase. Different front and back.

All sewn up!

Pillow stuffed!

Unknown Mami

That's my Sunday (see i do, do other things besides garden)!
Be sure you hop over to Unknown Mami, our lovely host.


Nancy C said…
Super creative. Wow!
WOW! I'm impressed! Great job and have a wonderful Sunday!
Unknown said…
I love these pillowcases Sami! So special! Definitely a nice way to spice up your childs room! Sweet!

I always love coming here. I never click away disappointed.
Rebecca said…
Love it....can you post an average length and width to make a pillowslip?
Unknown said…
Sure, as soon as i figure that out! LOL--brb. Sometimes i just wing it.
Joanna Jenkins said…
There is nothing better than a well made bed :-) Yours look fabulous! And the 2-sided pillowcases are a great idea.

Happy SMIC,
Unknown said…
I like Beebo's best. You chose really great fabrics that really compliment each other. Lots of colour.

I have started the process of making a new cover for our king-size bed because I couldn't find exactly what I wanted and refused to "settle". It's going to take some time as I still have a quilt on the frame from last year, but I am determined.

How was the weekend?

Sonya said…
Ooohh you've got sewing skills! Im so envious. I missed the bus on knowing how to sew..even just a little..those look fantastic..if u ever get, you know, could always make a butterfly and frog one for you
Audrey said…
What a great idea!! Who says pillow cases have to match the sheets :)
Why can't you grow apple trees?
Unknown said…
@Audrey-Apples are just not a specialty of Alberta...i'd rather stick to apples from Ontario or the Okanagan. Chinooks here mess up all the trees.
Love it. I prefer it when things coordinate as opposed to straight up matching.
Unknown said…
@Mami- yes, my sheets are all coordinating...not the SAME colours. Because i have children of both sexes, being coordinated means their sheets can go on either of their beds. The pillowcases however, define 'boy' or 'girl'. Cannot imagine having 'boy' type sheets AND 'girl' type sheets. I'd lose my mind! LOL

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