Sundays In My City~

Happy Momma's Day!!

YAY, it's all about us today!! (except i still managed to fit in a grocery shop-ugh!) I hope yours was family filled and that just perhaps, you got to sleep in or have brekkie in bed! My kiddos, hubby and i all slept in till 9am! YAY me!


Yes, living on an acreage is very nice. Yes, i occasionally get snowed in... and have to drive at least 15 minutes before getting to an-y-thing... but oh, ah, the outdoor chores! I spend a good 1-2 hours everyday weeding and when i try to sit and just relax, all i see is another weed. UGH. I should own a bumper sticker that says, "i'd rather be weeding", but who would i be fooling?? I am a gardener by necessity; after all, i DO have pride! Weeding is probably the chore least loved, but one with the most importance. The veggie garden is my real passion... and we have just up'd the ante on weeding! (i'll have to quit my whining now!)

Xman LOVES chores!! Can you tell? You can take Xman on Bobcatting chores and he does not make any complaints/noise/whining the whole time! (A few minutes for him is a lifetime!)

Dragging cedar logs to the BIGGER veggie garden!
We're obviously not at all into child labour...

While MommyO and Beebo planted some rhubarb roots and summer bulbs in front of the house, DaddyO and Xman completed the perimeter of the BIGGER veggie garden. With logs in place, we are all ready to retreat to the patio for a bevy! (Besides, spring is barely in effect- weed free for now).

Unknown Mami

That's us for another week...
thank you to Unknown Mami for hosting!


Joanna Jenkins said…
"I'd rather be reading" Ha! Very funny.
Glad you got to sleep in. Happy Mother's Day!
Unknown said…
Happy MOthers' Day, Sami. It was Mother's Day Regatta here. O's boy came in 5th in Lite Mens 8's. He's earlk in the game. Lots happening in the politics of the game school-wise right now.

Very cold here after 30's last week, not nice. Major winds and downed trees all over Port.

Love the pic of Xman in the back hoe. He's a man's man for sure.
Erin said…
Oh I am so jealous you got to sleep in!!

Happy Mother's Day!
Sonya said…
Happy Mother's Day..I so hate weeding..makes me mad to do
Before I had a daughter, 9:00 am would have been early for me. Now, sleeping in until 9:00 am is decadent!

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